coupleHypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD) affects 1 in 10 American women. HSDD is a biological lack of desire to have sex, and it is the most common sexual complaint among women. While men have the option of Viagra and research for a treatment for women has been going on for over thirty years, there is still no FDA-approved treatment for women living with HSDD. Yet, there are over 26 FDA-approved medications for men with sexual dysfunction. This is unacceptable and it’s time for a change. Now.

The FDA is holding a public meeting on October 27 on Female Sexual Dysfunction and we need your voice to be heard. You can be a women suffering from HSDD, a loved one, a health care provider or an advocate. Every voice matters and will make the difference in giving women equality when it comes to sex, but myself and other professionals can only do so much. It’s the patients that truly matter.

Now the question, how can you make your voice heard? There are many ways to make your impact! You can attend the meeting that will be taking place at the FDA White Oak campus on Monday, October 27 from noon-5 p.m. This meeting is for patients to share their perspective on the symptoms of female sexual dysfunction and the current approached to treatment. Five hours dedicated to hearing your voice, not academia, not professionals – only you. There will also be a scientific workshop the following day on Tuesday, October 28th from 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

Can’t make it to the meeting or workshop? No worries. Your voice can still be loud and clear even with the absence of your presence.

  • You can sign a petition to the FDA Commissioner, Margaret Hamburg, for equal treatment for women when it comes to sex.
  • Get your cameras ready and take a #WomenDeserve selfie and share it on social media.
  • Join #WomenDeserve’s Thunderclap: click on “Support with Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr” and a post or tweet will go out from your handle on October 27 at noon with every other #WomenDeserve Thunderclap supporter
  • Stay up-to-date with #WomenDeserve by following them on Facebook and Twitter

For more information, please visit The time is now. Make a difference because #WomenDeserve.


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