176999332Are you reluctant to discuss sexual health issues with your doctor? If you answered “yes” to this question, you’re not alone. All too often, women avoid bringing up sexual health difficulties due to embarrassment, fear of being judged, or even worse, they’re scared their concerns will be dismissed. But truth be told, your doctor is the one person with whom you should never be apprehensive when discussing stuff that is going on “down there.” No matter how terrible, gross or silly you think your question is, let me assure you I’ve heard it before, and as a matter of fact, more times than you would probably imagine. And that’s okay because answering these questions is an important part of my job.

Don’t wait for the conversation to start…it may never happen

Even in today’s sexually charged world, many doctors worry that raising the topic of sexual health could offend or embarrass patients. As a result, sexual health is only discussed when there is a problem. And many times this problem has gone unaddressed for a long period of time and has caused much angst.

Take a deep breath and talk to your doctor

Sooner than later. More often than not, sexual health problems can be effectively treated. Delaying the conversation can damage your overall health and self esteem as well as put significant strain on a relationship. My advice on making this easier is to not worry about using the proper medical terminology, just tell the doctor what’s going on in your own words. Also, if you’re afraid you’ll get flustered and forget something, write it down. Finally, don’t wait until you’re ready to walk out the door to bring up your sexual health issue. This is an important topic that deserves your doctor’s full attention.


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