Fiera sexual wellness deviceA new sexual wellness device is revolutionizing women’s sexual health care.  It’s not a vibrator exactly (but it does vibrate). A vibrator stimulates the clitoris directly or indirectly through vibration and pulses (that’s why it’s called a vibrator). Fiera is different. Fiera is a self-adhering clitoral vacuum that increases blood flow to the clitoris, and also vibrates in several modes to stimulate sexual arousal and increase the likelihood of orgasm. Fiera is ideal for women who need a little help to jump start their sexual pleasure, arousal and orgasm experience. It was designed to “level the playing field” since many women require much more stimulation and time to orgasm than men. The device has adjustable speeds and is small enough that it can be “worn” during sexual intercourse or without a partner.

Sexual Desire
Sexual desire and function are a vital part of quality of life and general well-being during a woman’s life cycle, and continues to be important during midlife and beyond. However, the changes that occur during menopause and with aging can inhibit sexual function or at least slow it way down. The natural decline in estrogen and testosterone levels that occurs during perimenopause/menopause and with aging has been shown to negatively impact blood flow to the clitoris and other “erectile tissues” in women, affecting engorgement as well as vibratory sensation. This, in turn, can decrease genital arousal during sexual activity and decrease overall sexual satisfaction. But there is hope with devices such as Fiera, which offers a resurgence in sexual activity when desire or function begins to wane.

The Science Behind Fiera
To learn specifically how Fiera works to helps women to achieve sexual satisfaction, a team of scientists and engineers studied thermographic imaging of the external genitalia. Skin tissues that are warm have more blood flow than tissues that are cool or room temperature. Changes in blood flow can then be assessed when associated with sexual activity. Thermographic imaging documented markedly increased blood flow to the clitoris and surrounding areas which persisted for 10 minutes immediately following removal of Fiera. Patients used the device for up to 15 minutes or until the time they achieved orgasm. They described their experience as a pleasurable feeling of warmth, tingling, or fullness in the genitals. To date, there has been limited information quantifying the degree of genital engorgement produced by products like Fiera that incorporate either vibration and/or clitoral suction. The time to onset of sexual arousal with such products is significantly shortened, bringing into greater equilibrium her response time and his.

Have Questions?
Feel sexy again. You deserve it. Experiencing sexual satisfaction can spill over to other areas of one’s life so it is important to keep your sex life going. If you are having sexual function issues and would like to discuss your options, or would like to learn how Fiera can help you, please call our office at 1 (202) 293-1000.


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