In a recent article, Hot Flash Drug Succeeds in Two Pivotal Trials, published on the website, the novel non-hormonal treatment, elinzanetant, is discussed.

It has shown significant success in alleviating hot flashes in postmenopausal women according to two phase III trials, OASIS I and II. The neurokinin-1,3 receptor antagonist reduced the frequency of moderate-to-severe vasomotor symptoms by over three hot flashes per day by week 12, surpassing the minimum clinically important reduction. The trials also demonstrated reductions in symptom severity, sleep disturbances, and improvements in menopause-related quality of life. Elinzanetant showed benefits as early as week 1, with continued efficacy through week 12, without severe side effects such as endometrial hyperplasia or liver injury.

Bayer plans to use these findings and data from a 52-week study for FDA marketing authorization. Elinzanetant offers an important alternative for women unable to use hormone therapies due to conditions like estrogen-sensitive cancers or blood clots. The studies noted demographic limitations and pandemic-related enrollment challenges.

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