Vibrators are often the punch line of the joke; the gag gift at the bridal shower or the cause of an embarrassing situation in a sitcom. But, the reality is, personal massagers are no joke. Vibrators can be an important part of a healthy sex life. Used alone or with a partner, they enable many women to have a happy, enjoyable sex life. And that’s nothing anyone should be embarrassed about.

Personal massagers are believed to play such an important role in women’s sex life that doctors and researchers have conducted studies to identify how women use them, and what men and women think about them. The results were enlightening:

  • Think no one uses a vibrator? Think again. Research found that over 52 percent of women have used a vibrator at least once.
  • Male partner worried you won’t be interested in sex with him if you use a vibrator? He couldn’t be more wrong. Heterosexual women who used vibrators experience an increased desire for sex.
  • Most women (49 percent) started using a personal massager for fun or curiosity.

The bottom line is that vibrators shouldn’t be relegated to the back of the nightstand drawer, and you shouldn’t be too embarrassed to buy or use a vibrator – alone or with a partner. It’s something to consider if you’re curious or want to get your sex life buzzing again. Doctors think vibrators may even help treat common symptoms of menopause. We do sell a variety of vibrators to our patients. Special expertise and training may be required to match the proper personal massager to a patient’s unique needs. We can help.


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