Everyone has shopped for at least one health care provider for some reason or another and certain criteria routinely come into play. Depending on the specialist, credentials are one thing that matters. Another could be years of experience in the field. And for some patients, bedside manner is a critical factor. In the field of sexual health, there are additional considerations regarding privacy and personal attention that need to be taken into account. Paying attention to these details will elevate your level of care and personal satisfaction in this specialty:

Talk to a human. Especially on your initial call, don’t leave personal information regarding the nature of your call on a recording. Not only is it an impersonal way to approach a highly sensitive topic, it’s impossible to know whether privacy is protected when those messages are replayed. Naturally, leaving a message with simply a name and number is okay, particularly if an after-hours need arises. But during business hours and as a matter of course, patients should be able to ask and be assured that their privacy is being guarded.

Be wary of online or electronic info asks. A person’s sexual health is exceptionally private information and must be treated as such. It’s one thing to fill out an online form or register to receive information about generalized or routine health issues, but not in this arena. Patients are entitled to a higher level of private, personalized service when dealing with intensely confidential topics.

Experience really matters. Sexual health is a complicated field that requires an expert to stay current while at the same time developing an understanding of a patient’s needs that grows over time. This combination of experience and updated skill helps identify and treat problems more quickly, easily, and thoroughly.

There are many areas of medical care in which these criteria are not necessary, so efforts to streamline and standardize certain processes make sense for several reasons. But when a patient seeks medical advice from a specialist in sexual health, a higher level of personalized service and increased diligence regarding privacy should be standard. Full disclosure regarding this sensitive information is critical to resolving patients’ concerns, and any time-saving processes that could threaten confidentiality, may jeopardize a positive outcome.


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