I am so fortunate to have found Dr. Rubin. Years of working in the DC area on topics in health and social policy had made me aware that women often do not receive the best of care, but I hadn’t always personalized what I knew from experts. I had tried to find a solution to a chronic pain condition that mystified several specialists. The generalized pain bothered me so much that most of my life had changed because of it. A physical therapist specializing in pelvic pain observed something and introduced me to her practice. Dr. Rubin’s intelligence and capacity to empathize were part of what I needed, but it was also a professional medical thoroughness and clear plan for me going forward that made the difference. She diagnosed my problem, found the right medicine for treatment, gave me a plan, worked with my doctor at my request, and encouraged me to continue with a couple of relevant additional therapies — so that in a few short months I’d recovered. After four years of debilitating pain, several off base specialists, and no clear answers, I was feeling hopeless and a little crazy. No longer! My OB was amazed as well. ! I’m so grateful. The office staff is warm, the experience completely new, and I now use her approach as my standard of care for every specialist I go to for help. Amazing healing. Complete revelation!

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