An important message from my assistant and practice manager: Hello, my name is Barbara Gallagher. Most of you probably don’t know me, I am the behind-the-scenes person that tends to Dr. Simon’s business and consulting needs so that he has the time to devote to his loving patients. Even though I am behind the scenes in the office, I am a people person who loves to help others reach their goals through color and fabric.

I am also interested in healthy aging. I know many of you are like me, middle aged, yearning for a fulfilling life, want high energy, a partner, good health, and to look and feel your best. I am single, and not a big television watcher, but I found myself glued to watching the Golden Bachelor last fall. I couldn’t stop analyzing myself. Could I complete with those contestants and win the Golden Bachelor? Probably I can. None the less, yikes! How did I suddenly get to be in my 60’s? What is most important to me now? How do I spend my time? How do I help others? How do I find a male partner? What about my health, and can I still have sex without pain, or even better with pleasure? Well, like it or not, the one thing the Golden Bachelor did do, was encourage women to continue to be their best. What does it mean to be your best? Does it mean being a great wife, mother, grandmother, aunt, friend, sister? Does it mean being fit, trim and still having sex appeal? Being financially successful or being independently wealthy? Don’t know about you, but it all sounds daunting. It’s all important however, to me, to you, and to those around us. That’s why I want to tell you about the wonderful services we offer our patients at IntimMedicine Specialists.

At IntimMedicine Specialists we offer World-Class care by Dr. Simon, Lucy Treene, PA-C, Carol Mack, MPH, PA-C, a caring staff, top notch service, and competitive fees. We offer weight loss programs, hormone balancing therapy, sexual medicine treatment, and as a bonus, we even offer Color Consultations to help you select the best colors for confidence whether changing your hair color, your skin tone, or your favorite clothes. Our goal is to help you feel vital, engaged, and know you have a place to come to that’s warm, welcoming, and caring for you as a person. We will even offer you a recipe of the week and an exercise or two. While there are many aspects to healthy aging, we at IntimMedicine Specialists focus on areas of menopausal changes such as Body Weight and Longevity, Hormone Balancing, and Quality sexual function and well-being.

Body Weight and Longevity

Maintaining a healthy body weight is essential for overall health and longevity, especially during menopause. Excess weight, particularly visceral fat, is associated with an increased risk of chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and certain cancers. Perimenopausal and menopausal women often experience changes in metabolism and a natural decline in muscle mass, making it crucial to address weight management during these critical phases or life. Carol Mack, MPH, PA-C was involved with early research in weight loss, specifically the first medications resulting in weight loss accompanied by a reduction in heart attacks and has developed a comprehensive program in which she can help you reach your desired, healthy weight.

Hormone Balance and Quality of Life

Hormone fluctuations during the perimenopause, and particularly the declines in estrogen and progesterone at menopause, can lead to various symptoms such as hot flashes, mood swings, and sleep disturbances. Achieving hormone balance through hormone replacement therapy (HRT) or alternative approaches is crucial for improving the quality of life in most menopausal women. Dr. Simon is an internationally renowned expert in menopause He truly is the “Menopause Whisperer,” a nickname given to him by Washingtonian Magazine when it comes to any questions or treatment for HRT. Lucy Treene, PA-C, and Carol Mack, PA-C have worked side-by-side with Dr. Simon for more than 30 years and are his second set of eyes.

Quality Sexual Function and Well-being

Sexual function is an integral aspect of overall well-being, or as we say: “Sexual health is health”, and menopausal women may experience changes in libido, vaginal dryness, and pain during intercourse. Fostering quality sexual function is crucial for maintaining intimate relationships and positively impacting mental and emotional health. Dr. Simon is a Past President of the International Society for the Study of Women’s Sexual Health, a co-author on the guidelines for use of testosterone in women for loss of libido and facilitated the development of the only two FDA-approved medications for increasing women’s sexual desire. Lucy Treene, PA-C is a vulvar skin expert with an incredible knowledge and experienced-based expertise. She’s the practice’s vulvodynia expert. Carol Mack, PA-C is the practice’s clinical research expert and has worked in collaboration with Dr. Simon on multiple libido and genitourinary syndrome of menopause (GSM) studies.

Achieving longevity and improving the quality of life in menopausal women requires a comprehensive approach that considers various aspects of health and well-being. Maintaining a healthy body weight, achieving hormone balance, and fostering quality sexual function are interconnected elements that contribute to overall wellness during menopause.

I know there are still many more aspects that contribute to healthy aging, like regular exercise, a balanced diet, stress management, quality sleep and community, but let’s start with all things menopause and the rest will follow. Maybe even a date night will come along too.

To schedule your appointment with Dr. Simon, Lucy Treene, PA-C, Carol Mack, MPH, PA-C or learn about color consultations with me, Barbara Gallagher, please call our office at 202-293-1000.


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