Dear Dr. Simon,

I wanted to thank you for meeting with me … to discuss my options on HRT. You asked me not to make a decision until after the New Year, that was great advice! I left with 4 options for treatment which I needed to think about and research. My 1st option was to do nothing, which is my decision! For years I have been searching for the magic answer to fix my broken puzzle. In my case that was the problem. It truly never occurred to me to do nothing or that it was even a choice.

I also wanted to thank you … for being a physician who allowed me to be a part of my own recovery by listening to and guiding me during my appointment. I am now able to step back and look at all the pieces in a different way…

So again, thank you for your kindness, for taking the time, for your ability to use an alternative approach and for guiding me with your insight!

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