We are pleased to share a recent article in Washingtonian Magazine featuring an interview with our own Dr. James Simon, “The Menopause Whisperer!” In the article, Dr. Simon discusses female sexual dysfunction, the state of sexual healthcare for women, and his hopes for its future.

Read the article “Sexual Dysfunction in Women Has Long Been Taboo. Washington’s Menopause Whisperer Is Here to Help.” in Washingtonian Magazine

Here is an excerpt from the article about one of Dr. Simon’s patients:

Palim stumbled on a Washington Post article that mentioned Simon’s practice; he put her on testosterone, and her condition rapidly improved. But if she hadn’t happened upon that story, “that might have just been the end for me of a part of my life and of my relationship with my husband that was meaningful and fun—and why? Why should I have had to give that up just because nobody bo


If you know someone who might benefit from seeing Dr. Simon or one of our sexual medicine experts at IntimMedicine Specialists, please feel free to share this post with them, or call us at 202.293.1000to make an appointment for yourself.

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