Dr. James Simon discusses the importance of sexual health at menopause and encourages clinicians to open up the conversation with patients. He reviews treatment options and resources. (www.menopause.org)

How the US Government and The Media Conspired to Convince Women That Menopausal Hormone Therapy Was Dangerous” presented at ISSWSH 2020 Orlando, FL March 5, 2020

Dr. James Simon returns to share the latest on treatments for women who are experiencing sexual dysfunction due to menopause.

Urologist and Sexual Medicine Specialist (A.K.A. “Washington DC’s premier Clitorologist”), Dr. Rubin schools us on how to want and enjoy sex in midlife and beyond.

Recipient of more than 400 research grants and scholarships in women’s health, Dr. Simon shares insights on the role that hormonal changes in menopause may have played in our evolution.

Hear Dr. Simon’s perspective on clinical trials in this documentary-style film.

Dr. Simon explains why even doctors need to be educated on menopause.

Check out Dr. Simon’s view on hot flashes.

Local ABC Affiliate Channel 8 Interview: Dr. Simon appears on ABC to discuss a study completed on women with low sexual desire.

Dr. Simon discusses what pharmacologic nonhormone options work for hot flashes

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