Why IntimMedicine Specialists?

IntimMedicine Specialists® is a compassionate, highly educated, and experienced medical care team of sexual health experts who help women and couples address problems related to sexual health and function. Our medical practice delivers next generation patient care combining an advanced understanding of the traditional and the new. Dr. James A. Simon has treated women for 30+ years of his distinguished career, as has his longstanding, experienced, and caring staff.

Our modern approach is geared to help facilitate those sometimes difficult personal conversations by providing a safe space, comfortable atmosphere, and adequate time to practice sexual medicine. We want to normalize these topics (believe us… you are not alone) and break through the taboos surrounding sexual health.

A Holistic Approach

Sexual health and function can be adversely affected by childbirth, accidents, menopause, aging, trauma (physical and psychological), and many common medical conditions and the medications prescribed to treat them. This list only scratches the surface. It is supremely important for us to understand you, the patient, from all facets of your health history and all aspects of your life. As time goes by, the needs of patients change, and so do the treatment options. What might be best for a couple in their thirties may be totally different, or even wrong or dangerous, than what’s required for a couple in their 60s. Our empathetic approach to treatment helps people feel whole again. It can be difficult to make that first appointment, but patients find their experience illuminating as they find out that they are not alone with such problems, and that solutions to their specific problem(s) related to intimacy really do exist and are safe and effective.

We at IntimMedicine Specialists® have serious concerns about self-proclaimed “sexperts” who think they “know it all” after taking a weekend course. These “sexperts” often prey on the fears and emotions of affected individuals, often demanding exorbitant fees for their services.

By contrast, the healthcare professionals at IntimMedicine Specialists® take the time necessary to understand each patient’s unique situation. They passionately believe in the importance of educating patients about the underlying cause(s) of their symptoms and ensure an understanding of their individualized care plan.

Are You Suffering?

We at IntimMedicine Specialists® have developed a patient-focused, powerful, systematic, and highly successful strategy for alleviating and reducing your pain or discomfort while searching out the underlying problem. Resolving long-standing conditions requires a multidimensional approach and specialized medical training. Our focused professional training, uniquely integrative and non-invasive treatment approach using evidence-based therapies, along with our years of experience, make us true specialists in sexual medicine and female sexual dysfunction. Our unique approach to care encourages you to be a part of their own wellness, disease prevention, treatment and recovery.

If you or a loved one is suffering, we can help.

Collaboration and Communication

We believe that strong communication is vital to good medicine. First, we will partner with you by taking as much time as needed to ensure that we understand your symptoms, life situation and the medical treatments that have or haven’t worked for you in the past. Second, we’ve established a process of professional, continual, internal consultation to make sure that the extensive expertise of our entire medical team is brought to bear in your case. This includes meetings of our entire medical staff to discuss a patient’s progress.

Our Difference

Extended appointments and unrushed care — We take the time to listen to you and will use unique diagnostic protocols based upon real science and evidence, resulting in a comprehensive treatment plan addressing your specific medical needs. Continual monitoring and evaluation of your progress is essential, bringing together the best conventional and alternative medicine.

Multidisciplinary team of medical professionals collaborating on your case – Such a team might include physical therapists, couples counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists, internists, and/or other medical specialists. There is no “one size fits all” here; instead, a highly-personalized care team is assembled as needed to achieve the best results.

We at IntimMedicine Specialists® believe bringing together exactly what’s necessary, but not excessive, provides the best value for our patients.