Injection Treatment for Vaginal Pain with Insertion (intercourse, tampons, etc.)

An intramuscular injection for the treatment of vestibulodynia (vaginal pain with insertion i.e. with intercourse, tampons, etc.) is available for some patients who fit the criteria.

Eligible participants are women who are:

  • Premenopausal women aged 18 or older
  • Experiencing vaginal pain with insertion (intercourse, tampons, etc.) called vulvodynia or vestibulodynia
  • Experience pelvic floor pain or tight pelvic floor muscles
  • Not currently pregnant or attempting pregnancy during the study
  • Experiencing symptoms for at least 6 months, but no greater than 15 years

Medical insurance is not required for study participation and compensation for time and travel is provided. To learn more about the study or if you’re interested in enrolling, please contact Laura Barbee at 202-293-1000 or