New research provides an additional benefit of frequent sexual activity – higher earnings. So says a Greek researcher who reports that people who have frequent sexual activity made about five percent more money than those… Read More »

Menopausal women who suffer from a common physical problem – so common it may impact 80 percent of them – will soon have a safer treatment to consider. And I’m proud and humbled to have… Read More »

(Role) Play it Safe with Open Communication Everyone is once again buzzing about the popular erotic novel, “Fifty Shades of Grey.” This time, people are talking about a recent study that’s reignited debate on whether… Read More »

The use of testosterone as a form of hormone replacement for women emerges from time to time in the mainstream media as a little used, but effective therapy and it’s important to understand the many… Read More »

Scientists have recently discovered a distinctive blood flow pattern in the brains of premenopausal women who are not interested in sex and unhappy about that. This distinctive pattern differs from that of women who have… Read More »

Couples who take advantage of public funding for fertility treatments are changing the demographics of what has traditionally been a group of higher earners with more education.  That’s what a recent study  in Canada discovered… Read More »

Ever since word came out that approval could be near for a pill that can increase sexual desire in women, experts in sexual health have been inundated with questions. And the answers may be still a… Read More »

At one time or another, we have all claimed to be too busy for something we simply didn’t want to do. Claiming to be busy has become an acceptable stock response to the standard greeting… Read More »

It isn’t unusual for women to notice that their sex drive often slows down at different stages of their lives. Many times there are easy-to-identify reasons that could be easily overlooked. Here are the topics to explore… Read More »

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