Let’s talk about sex. In this video, Dr. Simon goes over the best ways to approach women’s sexual health questions and issues. Learn about the multiple areas impacting your sexual health and how best to manage each of them.

Have you ever heard that hormones make you gain weight? That’s actually not true.

In this video, discover the truth behind hormones and weight gain in women. Learn how to lose weight as you age through proper hormone and thyroid management. Please contact us if you have any questions about female hormones and weight management.

Are you a woman looking to lose fat and gain lean muscle as you age?

Learn the common myths surrounding testosterone and it’s important role in the health of all women including sexual desire, physical health, mental health, and more. Also, find out how to boost your testosterone to optimal levels without potential negative side effects from improper hormone therapy.

If you are among the millions of people going through menopause, you know that it can be a struggle. In this video Dr, James A. Simon shows how to avoid weight gain, diabetes, estrogen issues, testosterone issues, and other common illnesses related to aging and menopause. You don’t have to fight a losing weight battle alone.

There are about 600,000 hysterectomies each year in the United States. In this video, Dr. James A. Simon discusses the current state of hysterectomy surgeries and non-surgical options for women. He covers common causes for hysterectomies, including fibroids, and potential solutions that do not involve surgery as well as what to do if you have complications involving the uterus.

Want to learn how to recover optimally from a hysterectomy surgery?

In this video, Dr. James A. Simon shows you the best ways to recover and prevent future complications or diseases after a hysterectomy. Dr. Simon also discusses estrogen levels and other hormone consequences from an operation and the best next steps for women.

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